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The Team

Introducing our team

What makes West Coast Motors Private Hire one of Scotland’s best coach hire companies is our focus on customer service and building successful long-term relationships with our customers.

Our dedicated team has a fantastic track record of keeping our customers happy so that they keep coming back to West Coast Motors Private Hire time and time again.

From that first initial customer enquiry through to the journey, we pride ourselves on going that extra mile.

Team Details

Our team is headed up by Liz Logan who has a huge wealth of experience in coach hire and knows exactly what our customers need, even when they themselves aren’t sure.

Alongside Liz, we have a small but dedicated team who handle all customer enquiries and see each hire through from beginning to end.

Liz and our customer service team work hand-in-hand with our driving and fleet teams to make sure that the service we provide is seamless and the right driver and right vehicle are matched to each hire’s requirements.